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5 Harmful Effects Of Gymming For Teenagers And 10 Exercises That Should Be Avoided By This Age Group

There are high chances that teenage boys and girls may fall for injury if they do an intensive workout in the gym

Our body is the machine that keeps us going in all situations. To keep this machine running smoothly, we need to take care of it. Exercises and workouts are always beneficial for our body and help to maintain our physique. But teenagers have taken gym as a fashion statement to make and flaunt their bodies but there is more to it. A gymnasium is a place where there are machines, dumbbells, rods and other equipment to exercise. But through those equipment, if not used carefully, can cause many unwanted problems.

What Is The Right Age To Join a Gym?

There cannot be any specific age to which can be said as the right age; it depends more on person to person. Teenagers are at a developing stage where their body undergoes several changes; hence a particular age cannot be determined. However, it is recommended to start weight training only after 17-18 years of age when your muscles are mature enough to take that pressure. Despite this, many teenagers nowadays, of age around 14-15 start going to gym and do heavy workout to look sharp. This harms their health and body in many ways.

Should Teenagers Go To Gym?

After stating so many effects of doing gymnasium, you must be thinking if teenagers going to gym is safe. So the answer is yes, to clarify your doubts, Eram Rizvi (BSM), a physical trainer in LDA Stadium, Lucknow, says that physical training is essential for teenager’s growth but under proper guidance, until necessary, teenagers below the age of 17 should not go for extensive weightlifting workouts. There can be high chances that they injure themselves. Daily routines workout is always good and recommended for teenagers and help in the growth of muscles. But precautions should be well taken care of, and guidance is essential before going for any heavy workouts or exercises.

5 Harmful Effects of Gym Workouts For Teenagers

Here’s why youngsters or teenagers must avoid going to the gym:

High chances of fatigue

Young teenagers are at a higher risk of getting muscle fatigue if they perform extensive workouts or weight training. The muscles of 14-16 year teens are not as strong and developed as adults, which make them more prone to fatigue.

Diet Imbalance

Heavy workout demands proper nutrition. Teenagers often disregard the importance of a healthy and proper diet and go out for unhealthy snacks post-workout, which is harmful to their bodies. Due to lack of adequate nutrition, there are more likely to face health issues in future.

Serious Injuries

When you join a gym, it is evident that there is a strive to push harder each time. But teenagers sometimes take it way too lightly, due to which chances of serious gym injuries increases. There are complex machines and heavy dumbbells and equipments which need to used very carefully, debarring from which can cause ligament fracture, tissue tearing, and even cause hip or knee replacement.

Body Dimorphic Disorder

This is a kind of hypochondria disorder in which a person finds a specific flaw that makes him/her feel inadequate. People then hunt to make their body perfect and often get intimidated when they go to the gym. Teenagers are most affected by it when they see their friends or other teenagers having a perfect body and built.

Damage their heart

Extensive exercises like extensive cardio could increase the risk of heart problem several times. Teenagers and youngsters often unintentionally ignore this point which could be very dangerous for their health. So it is essential to control them or refrain them from doing such exercises.

10 Workouts Which Teenagers Should Not Do

1) Behind the head-lat pull down: Lat pulldowns are, however, amazing to make your arm cuts but it needs too much precision. One incorrect posture especially bringing the rod behind your neck can screw it all up, there are high chances of shoulder or back injury if it is not done right.

2) Leg press: This machine is a must in every gym and helps make your legs and hamstrings strong, but it has its cons. If leg press is not done in a proper posture, then you can end up hurting yourself. Teenagers put a heavyweight on the leg press to enjoy that strive but sometimes end up hurting themselves or having tissue fracture.

3) Abs-machines: These are very popular among teenagers and youngsters as everyone wants to have abs. But abs-machine can lead to poor posture and muscle imbalance. Also, this machine does not do you much good as it is not possible to spot-burn fat.

4) Jumping jack press: A lot of people do this work out as it looks good for doing extensive cardio. But for teenagers, it can be harmful because the weight can put jerks on muscles and joints. Tendon and joint problems are common. Instead, try military presses.

5) Bent over rows: Often regarded as a prevalent exercise for the back, this can affect a teenager’s back muscles intensely. The body comes in an awkward position and puts heavy pressure on back muscles which causes pinch nerve or back injuries.

6) Overhead squats: Squats are a great way of getting ‘full body’ exercise. When you do a squat on one position, then the pressure comes on the whole body. Youngster’s body is not as strong as an adults body at every point, which can result in spine problems and other issues until you have practised well.

7) Backward medicine ball throws: This exercise is often taken up by teenagers in enjoyment, for who can throw the ball to the longest distance. In backward ball throw, thrusting upwards from a squatting position has the potential to throw you out of training. That sudden and sharp bend of the spine can slip a disc or pinch nerves.

8) Overhead dumbbell triceps extension: This gym exercise is great for targeting triceps. But this is a very odd way of holding the dumbbell whatsoever. Having said that teenagers hold it through the rod, which overloads their joints rather than muscles, can easily cause fatigue.

9) Turkish deadlift: This exercise has 10 positions combine where each of them can cause one or the other injury. Only advance lifters should try deadlift. Hence it should not be taken up by teenagers.

10) Snatch: The explosive strength required in snatch can be very rewarding, but the higher the rewards, the greater are the risk. The risk of tearing one or both your labarum is very high. Teenagers could also rip one or both of their rotator cuffs.

Teenagers are more prone to injuries than adults, so they should control their urge for heavyweight training or extensive weight training. There are many exercises which teenagers or youngsters should keep distance from. All exercises should be done under the guidance of an experienced trainer. Taking care of these issues can lead to long fore health and a fit body for sure.


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