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What’s important about a practitioner

The most important thing to know about healing Trauma inside the body is to feel safe when and who you are healing with.

I have had my own experiences when working on healing my trauma utilizing various techniques and I had a safe experience and a not so safe experience.

Because I too am a complex trauma survivor and have been on my healing journey for 33 years and I definitely know it's not easy, but I also know it's a must in order to have peace and happiness joy in my world.

What you receive when you are with me is the warmth, compassion, knowledge and understanding of what you feel without even having to say a word. There is a simple life phrase "takes one to know one" well it is really accurate and true. I know what it is to have a flashback and what to do for you I cuddle but not in a sexy way I hold you while you feel what is there because you have to feel it to heal it!

Story from a client:

Client went to a practitioner for some low back and tight hip pains. While having the treatment she began to sob to let it out and she was shaking on the table and the practitioner just kept working, they did not pause meanwhile my client is really frightened and shaking (her words) the practitioner pulled the sheet up and left the room.

My client described not knowing what to do she felt like she had done something wrong but she was still scared so she waited 15 minutes for the practitioner to return but they never did.

My client got dressed and upon leaving the receptionist just asked how her treatment was but the practitioner who worked on her never came to see her.

It took my client 2 years before she would be able to have any kind of bodywork done and I'm so honored I was the first. Since her session with me she has been able to do maintenance feel good messages because she talks to the person before ever having work done.

In summary make sure you know about the person who will be standing over you putting hands on your body, it's crucial!

Have a great week!

I hope to see you on my table


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