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Your Journey

To Renewed Wholeness

Embarking on a healing journey with Tha Muscle Whisperer means embracing the potential for transformation from the inside out. Our Guasha and Myofascial techniques, rooted in education and guided by compassion, create a pathway to restoring balance, harmony, and empowerment. Together, we navigate the intricate landscape of healing trauma and abuse, unlocking the potential for a renewed sense of well-being and wholeness.

What You Can Expect

Screaming during a Guasha session with Myofascial techniques can be a sign of emotional release or intense physical sensations. Jackie approaches these reactions with sensitivity and care, as it could indicate:

Emotional Release

Gua Sha and Myofascial sessions can sometimes trigger emotional release, where past traumas, stress, or suppressed emotions are released from the body. This emotional energy might manifest in vocalizations such as screaming, crying, or even laughing. These reactions can be cathartic and part of the body's healing process.

Physical Discomfort

Some individuals may experience discomfort during a session, especially if they have areas of tension or pain. Intense sensations in response to the techniques might lead to involuntary vocalizations.

Release of Tension

The techniques used in Guasha and Myofascial sessions aim to release tension held in the fascia and muscles. The release of tension can sometimes evoke vocal responses due to the sudden relief experienced.

Energy Movement

In holistic healing practices, certain practices are believed to promote the movement of energy within the body. Screaming could be a manifestation of this energy shifting or releasing.

Unconscious Reactions

In some cases, the body might react unconsciously to the stimulation it's receiving, leading to unexpected vocalizations.

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