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Myofascial Release Trigger-Point Therapist

Jackie Windham, tha muscle whisperer

Jackie Windham, aka Tha Muscle Whisperer is a master healer. She works with clients from all over the world and specializes in releasing trauma from the physical body and relieving pain in one session.

Jackie Windham, tha muscle whisperer

Jackie's Touch

She created her own technique focusing on the physical and emotional trauma stored in the fascia of our bodies which often leads to undiagnosed pain, exhaustion and immune system dysfunctions. 


By intuitively combining certified massage styles, spiritual healing, and traditional Chinese medicine Jackie has curated a thriving practice of love, dance, and healing. 

Scraping Therapy

Sports Injuries

Low Back Pain


Repetitive Strains

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Jackie's Journey: From Muscle Training to Multi-Dimensional Healing

woman looking at the sky with her eyes closed

With a remarkable journey spanning fifteen years, Jackie embarked on a transformative path of growth and learning. Her journey began in the world of bodybuilding and muscle training under the tutelage of the esteemed Albert Beckles. Fueled by her passion for understanding the human body, she took a deep dive into ergonomics education and embarked on an extensive journey in massage therapy training.

By intuitively combining certified massage styles, spiritual healing, and traditional Chinese medicine Jackie has curated a thriving practice of love, dance, and healing. 

A Member of NAMTPT:

Dedication and excellence led Jackie to become a proud member of the NAMTPT, showcasing her commitment to upholding the highest standards in massage therapy and bodywork. This affiliation serves as a testament to her dedication to her craft and the well-being of her clients.


A Different Healing Approach:

Jackie is not just a practitioner; she's a results-based, multi-dimensional healer. Disenchanted with clinical practices that prioritized profit over genuine healing, Jackie decided to follow her own path. She firmly believes in the power of holistic healing and wanted to offer her clients something more profound than just repetitive sessions designed to generate revenue.


Empowering Healing:

Jackie's approach is refreshingly different. She believes in the potency of true healing. Instead of withholding the gift of healing for financial gain, she is committed to empowering her clients with genuine, transformative experiences. Jackie's healing journey is one of empowerment, authenticity, and healing that resonates far beyond conventional practices.


Your Path to Healing:

Experience the difference that Jackie's multi-dimensional healing approach can make in your life. Discover a practitioner who is not driven solely by profit, but by a deep-rooted passion for authentic healing. Take a step onto a path of empowerment, authenticity, and transformative well-being.

The Areas Jackie Addresses:

  • Sports Injuries

  • Repetitive Strain

  • Low Back Pain

  • Sciatica

  • Physicalized Emotional Pain

  • Headaches

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Frozen Shoulder

  • TMJ

  • Tennis Elbow

  • Childhood Trauma

  • Grief

  • ​​Baby Loss

  • Abuse of Any Type

  • Assault of any Type

  • Sexual Abuse

  • PTSD

  • Arthritis

  • Disc Bulge, Rupture, & Herniation and Much More.

  • The body holds the memories of the trauma one has experienced.

  • Carpal Tunnel

  • Trauma Healing

Jackie's Approach: Jackie has innovatively crafted her own technique, focusing on the intricate connection between physical and emotional trauma stored within our bodies' fascia. This approach often leads to undiagnosed pain, exhaustion, and immune system imbalances. Through her intuitive combination of certified massage styles, spiritual healing, and traditional Chinese medicine, Jackie's practice embodies a unique blend of love, dance, and healing.


Healing from Within: The Muscle Whisperer's Guasha and Myosha Approach


At Tha Muscle Whisperer, we believe that true healing begins from the inside out. Through our unique Guasha and Myosha techniques, we empower individuals to unlock their body's innate ability to heal, rejuvenate, and find balance. Our commitment to holistic wellness guides our approach, ensuring a transformative journey towards well-being.

Guasha: An Ancient Art of Healing

Guasha, an ancient technique rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is one of the cornerstones of our healing philosophy. Derived from the Chinese word "Gua," meaning to scrape, Guasha involves using specialized tools to gently glide over the skin, stimulating blood flow and promoting the body's natural detoxification process. This ancient art helps release tension, ease pain, and rejuvenate the body's energy pathways.


Your Journey to Inner Wellness

Embark on a transformative journey with Tha Muscle Whisperer. Our Guasha and Myofascial techniques pave the way for profound healing, addressing both the physical and energetic aspects of your being. Experience the power of ancient wisdom combined with modern expertise – a holistic approach that guides you towards vibrant well-being from the inside out.

Discover the healing touch that goes beyond the surface. Explore Tha Muscle Whisperer's Gua Sha and Myofascial techniques and take the first step towards a healthier, more balanced you.


Healing from Within: Tha Muscle Whisperer's Guasha and Myofascial Approach to Addressing Trauma and Abuse


At Tha Muscle Whisperer, we understand that healing is a journey that encompasses both the body and the soul. Our unique Guasha and Myofascial techniques are designed to facilitate deep healing from the inside out, particularly when it comes to addressing the complex issues of trauma and abuse. Let us guide you through the profound ways in which these techniques, coupled with our educational background, can contribute to your healing journey.

Myofascial Healing: Bridging Body and Soul

Myofascial healing is another pivotal aspect of our approach, focusing on the intricate web of connective tissue that intertwines with our physical and emotional well-being. Our comprehensive training in massage therapy and bodywork techniques equips us to address the fascia – the matrix that holds the body's memories and experiences. By skillfully releasing tension and unblocking emotional barriers within the fascia, we facilitate the body's innate capacity to heal itself on a profound level.


Educational Background: Knowledge is Healing

Behind Tha Muscle Whisperer's techniques lies a wealth of education and expertise. With dedicated training and a deep understanding of the body's mechanics, we have honed our skills to provide effective healing experiences. Our commitment to continuous learning allows us to stay at the forefront of holistic healing advancements, ensuring that we bring the most effective and transformative methods to our clients.


Healing Trauma and Abuse: The Power of Guasha and Myofascial Healing

Trauma and abuse can leave deep imprints on both the body and the spirit. Guasha and Myofascial healing offer a unique approach to addressing these profound wounds. By releasing stored tension, stagnant energy, and emotional blockages, these techniques create a space for healing to occur. The combination of ancient wisdom and modern expertise assists in unraveling the physical and emotional knots, allowing for the release of trapped trauma and fostering an environment of healing and renewal.

Your journey to Renewed Wholeness

Embarking on a healing journey with Tha Muscle Whisperer means embracing the potential for transformation from the inside out. Our Guasha and Myofascial techniques, rooted in education and guided by compassion, create a pathway to restoring balance, harmony, and empowerment. Together, we navigate the intricate landscape of healing trauma and abuse, unlocking the potential for a renewed sense of well-being and wholeness.


Discover the healing touch that transcends boundaries. Explore Tha Muscle Whisperer's Gua Sha and Myofascial techniques and embark on a journey to healing that spans body, mind, and soul.

Screaming during a Guasha session with Myofascial techniques can be a sign of emotional release or intense physical sensations. It's important to approach this situation with sensitivity and care, as it could indicate a variety of reactions:

  1. Emotional Release: Gua Sha and Myofascial sessions can sometimes trigger emotional release, where past traumas, stress, or suppressed emotions are released from the body. This emotional energy might manifest in vocalizations such as screaming, crying, or even laughing. These reactions can be cathartic and part of the body's healing process.

  2. Physical Discomfort: Some individuals may experience discomfort during a session, especially if they have areas of tension or pain. Intense sensations in response to the techniques might lead to involuntary vocalizations.

  3. Release of Tension: The techniques used in Guasha and Myofascial sessions aim to release tension held in the fascia and muscles. The release of tension can sometimes evoke vocal responses due to the sudden relief experienced.

  4. Energy Movement: In holistic healing practices, certain practices are believed to promote the movement of energy within the body. Screaming could be a manifestation of this energy shifting or releasing.

  5. Unconscious Reactions: In some cases, the body might react unconsciously to the stimulation it's receiving, leading to unexpected vocalizations.

It's important for the practitioner to create a safe and supportive environment for clients undergoing these sessions. If a client starts screaming during a session, the practitioner should remain calm, offer reassurance, and let the client know that their reaction is valid. Encouraging the client to express their feelings and emotions can be helpful, while also ensuring that they feel comfortable and in control of their experience.


Remember that everyone’s response can vary, and what's most important is providing a space where the client feels understood and supported throughout their healing journey.

Booking Options: You're presented with two options to engage in Jackie's healing services:

Visit Jackie in Sherman Oaks. Organize a special trip to your location with a minimum group of 3 people per day. 

Session Fee and Booking Process

Here are some key points to remember:

A non-refundable deposit of $250 is required within 24 hours of booking to secure your slot. Sessions are non-refundable under any circumstances. Rescheduling is possible once with a 48-hour notice, using the initial deposit. Subsequent rescheduling will necessitate a new deposit. The precise session address will be communicated 24 hours prior. Payment options include cash, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, or Credit/Debit card for the remaining balance upon arrival. 

scraping massage therapy

Cancellation and Late  Policy:

Please notify us at +18186865898 at least 48 hours ahead if you need to cancel or reschedule. Late arrivals (more than 15 minutes), early session termination, or no-shows will result in forfeiture, leading to full financial responsibility. 

Travel Essentials:

For those travelling, a 48-hour stay is required before your return flight. 

Nearby Hotel:Hotel Mariposa Los Angeles

12828 West, Riverside Dr, Valley Village, CA 91607

Session Insights:

No children, pets, or support persons are permitted during the session. Given the nature of bodywork, be aware that an emotional release from past traumas is possible. Results vary, and the extent of healing depends on several factors, guided by Jackie's sole discretion. 

Confidentiality and Aftercare:

Confidentiality is always respected. Aftercare following the session is your responsibility and a vital component of your healing journey. Additional or subsequent work is at your discretion and expense. 


Contact Information: For any queries or to discuss high-profile sensitivities, feel free to contact us directly at +18186865898.

We're here to support your healing path and are eager to facilitate a seamless process. Please ensure you thoroughly review these details before proceeding with your booking. Your comfort and well-being remain our foremost concern.


Booking Jackie Tha Muscle Whisperer 

We aim to streamline communication and provide comprehensive information about Jackie's healing methodologies and her approach to profound transformation.

Contact Our Booking Team Email:

Jackie's Educational Insights and Healing Approach:

Jackie is enthusiastic about sharing her expertise and unique healing techniques. She's dedicated to shedding light on how her methods facilitate profound healing from within. Whether through television appearances, interviews, or other media platforms, Jackie is committed to showcasing the transformative impact of her work.


What People Say

Jackie, as seen in Voyage LA , has treated everyone from hollywood elite and NFL & NBA players to Firefighters and Bodybuilders. Some notables include: 

Tabatha Brown.jpeg
Tabatha Brown


Angela Bassett.jpeg
Angela Basset


Tamar Baxton.jpeg
Tamar Braxton


Terrence Terrell.jpeg
Terrence Terrell

Actor & Writer

Tha Muscle Whisperer Client Porter Gustin.jpg
Porter Gustin

Actor & Writer

Tiffany Haddish.jpeg
Tiffany Haddish


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“Thank you again so much! I can tell you genuinely care about your clients. You are truly God sent 🙏💗”

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