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Some Thoughts

This is a different blog post I'm going to be doing them on my own now so it might be pretty raw lol

I want to talk about how bringing up your trauma , feelings, bringing up your pain doesn't have to stay present in your forefront for the rest of your day it doesn't have to take over your life, I used to think it did. It's important that we stop being afraid to look at situation or events or things that have happened to us because we're afraid we won't be able to put it away or not think about it anymore that is not true. As you start or as you continue on your healing journey and as you start healing and processing, you're able to bring up things to recognize your feelings and allow yourself to feel that because it is when we stop the feelings when we stop ourselves from feeling that it goes straight into our body so all of the chemicals, all of the hormones that are released when we're thinking about a moment, a traumatic moment, and a moment that really affected us good or bad if we just sit with those feelings and not let them come out, it starts to cause havoc in our bodies.

You see there is only so much talking about what What is hurting us what is making us feel bad , sick physically and mentally is keeping it all inside our bodies. I believe there's only so much that verbally talking about it can do to heal your mind body soul. There's only so much each different healing Modality can actually do you need to consider using many different modalities to free yourself.

I honestly didn't know How much that emotions and feelings stored in the physical tissue in the body and what I just realized right now as I'm writing this blog because truth be told I'm actually writing this one myself. OK yes hello but I have just discovered really in the last four years that this goes on in the body and once it gets out physically and you feel the difference immediately it's truly fascinating.

I think it's important that we forgive ourselves that we give ourselves Grace but how do you get there? Do you know what I'm gonna really talk about that on my next blog but one definite way is to get on my table and "OUT OF MY BODY "

I want to end with this,.

I want y'all to know that I'm always here for you I'm a phone call away I call back and I mean what I say.

Have a kickass week and I'm looking forward to having you on my table. Don't forget I leave 8/12 so book before I leave in case I don't come back lol.

Thank you for subscribing to my site. Thank you for following me. Thank you for being interested in the work I do and I hope to see you on my table cause it's usually only a one time thing bye.

Much 💕


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